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Forex analysis, many beginners are looking for technical analysis of forex, but at first we should talk about forex itself, forex or the foreign exchange market as some call it is the largest financial market in the world with an average daily income in forex to 6 trillion US dollars This number can easily increase, as there are a lot of different bodies that trade in forex and not just individuals, there are central banks, private banks, commercial banks, companies, investors and a lot of people are trading in forex.

Forex explained

The foreign exchange market is one of the largest markets around the world, because the forex market works to provide a lot of special needs for traders, starting from their entry into this wonderful world or by providing a lot of internal possibilities. The average income per day in the forex market is from 5 to 6 trillion US dollars and this is not a small income, because there are a lot of different entities and bodies that trade through forex, because forex does not depend on individuals only, individuals who trade in forex does not exceed 5& of the people who trade, the market Forex includes a large number of different companies, investors, commercial and central banks that increase income in forex every day, forex works throughout the whole week from Monday until Friday evening and also forex works 24 hours, it starts in New Zealand and ends in the states The United States of America and this is what makes everyone around the world can trade at any time, and the forex market is not linked to a specific site, so all people can trade And from anywhere in the world with ease, forex is not difficult, but it needs some study if you want to make a profit through it, one of the most important things that you should learn in forex is technical analysis and we will talk about it now.

forex analysis

There is more than one way in forex so that you can make a profit through it, now we will talk about technical analysis of forex, and technical analysis has two ways, the first method is called fundamental analysis and the second method is called technical analysis, the financial review in the country or in the world is one of the things that determine The course of the forex trend depends on many elements such as the economic situation, the expected situation, the political climate, GDP, unemployment rates, wars and all of these things that must be studied during the fundamental analysis and this is the initial method as we mentioned.

As for technical analysis, it depends on two factors, namely time and price, and these two factors depend on the ratio of measurement, so many if not everyone prefer this type of analysis because it is considered the simplest and fastest, in addition to that this type of analysis is considered the fastest in the world of forex and not Fundamental analysis, when using resistance and support and identifying indicators and candles in this case you do not get the reasons why there is a change in the rise or fall, to make it easier, the fundamental analysis depends on economic factors and predictions, while technical analysis depends on what happened in the market during the last period.

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