How the forex works

How the forex works, the forex market or the foreign exchange market is one of the strong markets around the world, the forex market reaches 6 trillion US dollars per day, as the forex market includes many and many different large bodies even central banks, private banks, investors and individuals, and the percentage of individuals in The forex market is a very small percentage compared to other bodies, and the forex market works throughout the whole week from Monday until Friday evening, many users want to know how the forex works, in this article we will talk about forex and the method in which he works.

How does forex work?

In the beginning in order to be able to understand the way that Forex works, we must talk about basic terms, and the first terms that we will talk about is the term forex trading, the term forex trading means that it is the activity through which one currency is exchanged for another and a person can trade by The way of a lot of different tools such as forex, commodities, tools, stocks and cryptocurrencies, the second term that we will talk about is the term forex: this term refers to the market in which people trade currencies with different other currencies as well as other types of different financial instruments, but the question remains:

How does forex work?

The answer is that forex is an activity or profession that enables a person to buy some currency pairs through which he can make profits, but how to make profits by buying currencies?? A person makes profit by buying some of the different currency pairs and speculating on these currencies, whether they are in a state of high or low, for example, a person can buy the British pound against the US dollar, if the price at this time is 1.2450, then after a day or two The price rose to 1.2480. In this case, the currency has risen, so the person can sell the currency he bought, and in this case, he will have achieved a profit margin of 30 points, and the profit varies in this case according to the number of deals that were open, so the person can earn one dollar from this transaction It can be profitable at this time 1000 dollars.

Forex Education: Who Can Trade Forex?

There are many entities that can trade in the global forex market, so who can trade in the forex market? Everyone can trade in the forex market, the global forex market includes central banks, commercial banks, private banks, investors, brokers, governments and individuals, but the proportion of individuals in the forex market is very small compared to all the bodies that we have talked about before, individuals in the forex market have their own result in influencing Very small, for the first and last effect in the forex market is for central banks because they follow the inflation process and depend on this matter in the process of determining the direction of the market, the forex market works throughout the week from Monday until Friday evening as it works throughout the week 24 hours so everyone can Around the world, trading is done with ease, especially because the forex market is not linked to any particular site. There are many sites that a person can trade through.

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