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Forex analysis, forex is a very big world, dominated by many large parties that follow the inflation system in their profits, and the most important of these bodies are banks, and banks are the main controllers in the forex markets, but there remains a question that baffles many people, and what is technical analysis? Technical analysis is one of the tools that traders use so that they can anticipate the movement of stocks, whether they are rising or falling. In this article, we will learn about technical analysis that enables you to trade in the forex markets with ease.

forex analysis

There are many things that help a person in trading, but the most important thing at all is the analysis of forex because through it a person can predict the movement of the market in the coming period and accordingly a person can achieve a lot of profits with ease, there are two ways of analysis in Forex two: fundamental analysis and technical analysis.

Fundamental analysis This analysis can be absorbed as a result of the economic situation of the country in this period because it depends on a number of things such as the economic situation, political climate, GDP, unemployment rates, inflation, trade balance, retail sales, elections, natural disasters and wars. All of these things belong to the fundamental analysis of the forex .
• Technical analysis: Technical analysis is the latest method of analysis and this analysis is based on only two factors, namely time and price. This is what makes a lot of people go to this type of analysis, especially because it saves a lot of time on fundamental analysis, but when using support and ingredients you cannot know The reason why the market is in a state of change, whether this change is in a high trend or a low trend.
Evidence from these matters is that fundamental analysis depends on economic factors and forecasts, while technical analysis depends on what happened in the past in market cycles with statistics.


The foreign exchange market or the forex market, or as some also call it the foreign exchange market, the forex market is the most powerful market ever in the world of money. US dollars and this value increases, the forex market became famous and became the strongest because it provides all users to trade with ease as all people around the world can enter the world of forex with ease because it is not linked to any site, so everyone can enter the world of forex through many different sites, There are also many large bodies in countries that trade via forex, and the most important of these bodies are: governments, banks of all their categories and also investors, so the forex market is one of the most powerful and important currency exchange markets, and with the mention of providing opportunities for users, the forex market enables users to trade With a starting method of only $30, you can start trading forex currencies starting from this simple price, so many people go to forex trading.

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