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What is trading

What is trading, this question is searched by many people on the Google search engine, we will learn together in this article what is trading and we will also know the advantages that you will get from this matter, in the beginning we must know that the trade has a lot of markets, but in this The article will talk about the global money market, which is the largest ever, the forex market, and also, as we mentioned, we will talk about the advantages that forex offers.

What is trading

The trade is simply a matter of buying and selling currency pairs through brokerage companies, you can buy some of the currency pairs through another currency with ease, for example you can buy the pound sterling against the dollar, and there are many other currencies, and currencies Here it is divided into two parts, the base currencies and secondary currencies, the base currency is the currency used in the purchase process and the secondary currency is the currency that you buy against the primary currency, for example also: the price of the euro is 1.2450 and you bought it at this price against the currency of the US dollar, after you bought it Its price has increased to 1.2470, in this case you can sell it and you can earn the difference of 20 points, so it can be a total of 20 points for one dollar and it can be 1000 dollars depending on the amount used in one transaction.


Forex is the world’s largest market in currency trading. The daily average value of forex is about 5 trillion US dollars, which makes it the largest global market in currency trading. The forex market also provides a lot of convenience to users as forex does not force users to trade through a website. Certain for that it allows users around the world to trade with ease, in addition to that, you can trade starting from $ 30 USD, you can make a lot of profits through this small amount and there are many live examples of this, and there are many The large bodies that trade through forex and that is what makes users make a lot of profits easily, for example for these bodies: governments, central banks, commercial banks and private banks, and this is what makes you make a lot of profits, the percentage of individuals in forex trading is not a percentage It is absolutely large, as it does not exceed 10% of users, and there are many ways in which you can trade through forex with ease.

It should also be mentioned that there are many ways in which you can make profits, but all of them focus on buying and selling currency pairs, and there are other different ways that you can use such as leverage, but with the use of leverage, care must be taken because the leverage can You double your profits and you can also increase your losses.

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