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Forex Market The forex market, there are many markets for electronic commerce, but the forex market remains the strongest among them, as the forex market is one of the markets that provides all users with all the convenience of dealing, in addition to that the forex market has a liquidity of more than 5 Trillion dollars per day, Forex Market The forex market is the largest e-commerce market in the world, the number of people joining the forex market increases daily, the forex market works throughout the whole week and at all times, which helps everyone around the world to enter this big world, and we will learn together Now for more details about the forex market.

Forex Market Forex Market

The forex market, as we mentioned, is the largest e-commerce market in the world, as it is one of the strongest and largest markets because it is not linked to a specific site, but rather there is more than one site through which you can enter the forex market and start e-commerce with ease, the forex market is one of the markets The big ones have no competitors, the forex market has liquidity of up to 5 million dollars per day, you trade in the market by trading currency pairs and other things, because the forex market does not belong to one particular site, it became easier to enter the world of forex around the world, which helped the market Forex is becoming more flexible than other markets.

The forex market is also one of the most popular markets that includes many international organizations and agencies such as commercial banks, central banks, governments, internationals, investors and large financial institutions until we reach individuals, individuals work in the forex market by following currency pairs via the Internet where it is more convenient, It is through financial brokers specializing in the forex markets, you can easily buy any pairs of currencies you want according to your desire in the official working hours of the forex market, it should be noted that the forex markets operate 24 hours a day, enabling all users about All over the world in trading with ease, the official holiday for the forex markets is from Friday evening until Monday morning, meaning that the forex market works from Monday until Friday evening without any stop, you can trade in the forex market at any time as it starts in New Zealand, then Australia, then Asia, then Europe until it reaches the United States of America.

Important tools for trading in the forex market

• Technical analysis of the forex: trading in the forex market, as we mentioned before, is not difficult, but it is also not as easy as some people think, trading in the forex market becomes easy after several experiences and a lot of reading and understanding, then trading is easy, forex technical analysis works To understand the market movement, read charts and signals and analyze trends, these things make a person fully aware of the market movement and can easily anticipate the results. A person must do technical analysis so that he can make smart decisions in dealing with the forex markets.
• News about currency rates: This is one of the very important things that all traders should take into consideration, as when people follow currency news, they are fully aware of the forex market, so you can get these things easily, you can Tracking the movement of currencies 24 hours a day via the Internet.

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What is forex?

What is forex, a lot of people ask about forex, and there are other people who do not know about forex but they always hear that term, forex is the largest market for trading in the world, as the daily value of forex trading is 5 trillion dollars, forex is the most important type of direct trade In the world, that is, forex is a currency trading market where there is a currency that is opposite to another currency and this is always with the aim of making a profit.

What is forex

Forex has become the most important type of direct trade in the recent period because it provides a lot of possibilities for its users, in addition to that it provides a lot of liquidity to users unlike many other markets that lack this, as forex has become the first and last goal for many young people who want to achieve A lot of profit in the recent period because it helps everyone to work and profit from their places, as it helps young people, young people and adults to profit through direct electronic commerce with ease and from their places, and the forex market has many advantages that are not found in other stock markets, because The forex market is a more active and dynamic market around the world, unlike the stock markets, through which many young people can do e-commerce through which they will achieve a lot of wealth.

Currency pairs and trading price

Trading in forex is not difficult and also it is not easy if you want to become a pioneer in this field, the forex market is traded by currency pairs such as the pound sterling against the dollar or the dollar against the euro and so on, as the prices of trading in forex on currencies differ From time to time based on the supply and demand provided by users around the world, as the difference between the price between them is called (spread) and we will now see the most popular currency pairs in the world of Forex.

• The Euro / US Dollar, referred to by the symbol USD / EUR.
• The British pound / US dollar, referred to by the symbol USD / GBP.
• The US dollar / Japanese yen, referred to by the symbol JPY / USD.
• Euro / Japanese Yen, referred to as JPY / EUR.
• Australian dollar / US dollar referred to as USD / AUD.
• The New Zealand dollar / US dollar, referred to by the symbol USD / NZD.
• Canadian dollar / US dollar and symbolized by USD / CAD.

It should be noted that the forex market has many different currencies from all over the world as these currencies in the forex market are divided into major or base currencies and other minor currencies and western pairs, the major currencies are the most popular pairs that were mentioned and they are 7 major pairs, but minor pairs The major currencies are traded among themselves except for the US dollar. As for the western pairs, they have one major currency and another secondary currency. The major currencies depend entirely on the world economy such as America, Japan, Switzerland, Canada and New Zealand, where the currency pairs trading price is the value of the currency that is priced You can buy it for 1 unit of the base currency.